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I have specialised in custom airbrushed helmets for years. I started doing them for friends and friends of friends and have now scaled to this now where I look forward to doing this full time. I have done helmets who compete in kart racing and other motor sports. A motorcycle helmet is a very important and personal item. Being able to have a custom airbrushed motorcycle helmet is a great way to personalize something that you’ll wear every day. A personalized airbrush design can be customized and prices depending on the complexity and time required for the work required.


Not only do I paint crash helmets of all types I also love to customize and airbrush more random items. Everything from a small pocket lighter to a full wall mural. Custom clothing, I love airbrushing t-shirts and snapback baseball caps. A baseball cap is a great way to bring out your personality or just have your name on it. Custom airbrushed trainers are also a really fun project that gets to show off the wearers personality in a creative and fun way.


I am also a crafter so love making random projects and have in the past made things like novelty chess set and have and fabricated scenery and sculptures in fibreglass. If you have any sort of project that needs a creative slant then get in touch and I will do my best to help.

Custom airbrushed cap.JPG
Custom airbrushed helmet.JPG
Custom airbrushed trainers.JPG